0900 – 1000


Pre-assessment of the subject knowledge
Major time / minor time | concepts
Reactive & proactive approaches towards work

1000 – 1100

Recognize key accountabilities & tasks
Being aware of the impact of your work at org.
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1100 – 1200

What is a monkey / identification of monkeys
What is the process / the monkey process
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1200 – 1300

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers


1400 – 1500


Day plan / month plan / year plan
Low productivity tasks / high productivity tasks
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1500 – 1600

Short time objectives / long time objectives
Value addition through your task management
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1600 – 1630

Being productive manager at work
How to delegate effectively and be a LEADER.
Brainstorming / activities / discussion

1630 – 1700

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers

0900 – 1000 Developing confidence & motivation
Time management / task management
Team management / stress management
1400 – 1500 Understanding & learning work delegation
techniques to empower subordinates & be able to
gain trust of them by sharing your work.
1000 – 1100 Communication: Objectives, relationships,
Ego states, body language, effective listener,
Negotiation, decision making, problem solving.
1500 – 1600 The concept of service leadership.
Leadership ethics, values and manners
Setting an example for others to follow
1100 – 1200 Learning two way – communication
Improving personal, professional, formal &
informal presentation at work.
1600 – 1630 Leading by coaching – developing your team
Transforming followers into future leaders
Developing emotional, intellectual & analytical skill
1200 – 1300 The use of empowerment techniques
Ability to think & act outside your comfort zone
Learning two way – communication
1630 – 1700 Creating a self – image of a social leader
Brainstorming / questions & answers
Participants feedback / certificate distribution


If you are a manager it’s likely that you got that position because you were an excellent individual contributor. You did good work and you got it done on time. Now as a manager you have been asked to play a larger role. Some of the qualities and know-how that accounted for your earlier success will help you very little in that new role.

Your success as manager and leader will be determined by other capabilities; your ability to hire, train & retain good people; to motivate & develop the potential of each member of your team; to create winning strategies & control budgets; to understand financial statements and so on. In this course we will help you to transform yourself into the larger role of a leader rather than a mere conventional manager.


Participants are going to get following learning benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will learn management & leadership skills that will help them to excel in a 21st century organizations.
‣ They will learn to deal with teams and individuals so as to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the organization.
‣ They will learn how to manage the relationships with all the stakeholders of your organization.


Any manager that has responsibility for managing the performance of employees
First time & middle managers who want to expand their skills & understanding of management & leadership. Non business graduates who want a better understanding of matters relating to the management and leadership of organizations. Professionals to be promoted to managers soon.