0900 – 1000


Pre-assessment of the subject knowledge
Major time / minor time | concepts
Reactive & proactive approaches towards work

1000 – 1100

Recognize key accountabilities & tasks
Being aware of the impact of your work at org.
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1100 – 1200

What is a monkey / identification of monkeys
What is the process / the monkey process
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1200 – 1300

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers


1400 – 1500


Day plan / month plan / year plan
Low productivity tasks / high productivity tasks
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1500 – 1600

Short time objectives / long time objectives
Value addition through your task management
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1600 – 1630

Being productive manager at work
How to delegate effectively and be a LEADER.
Brainstorming / activities / discussion

1630 – 1700

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers

0900 – 1000 What makes a team / team health checks
Purpose & direction setting of the team
Team building activity / group resume
1400 – 1500 Winning team – ingredients of success for team.
Structuring a winning team for the bigger tasks
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1000 – 1100 Understanding team differences & resolve conflict
Team communication Improvement methods
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1500 – 1600 Aligning the goal from top to bottom.
Shared vision among all team members
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1100 – 1200 Team leadership development
Team relationships / synergy management
Team building activity / chair together
1600 – 1630 Team roles clarification / problem solving
Interpersonal relationship development
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1200 – 1300 Team building survival skill
Gathering the strength model
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1630 – 1700 Brainstorming / questions & answers
Conducting post test / final training evaluation
Participant’s feedback / certificate distribution


Effective organizational or team performance is based on a clear understanding of the shared goals, strategies & work plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members. Equally important are interpersonal qualities of trust, communication, and mutual accountability. Therefore it takes a collaborative effort of each team member to help the company to achieve its ultimate objectives. This team building workshop will help the participants to work with collaboration as one unit to achieve shared organisational objectives better & in less time possible. We will also create an awareness among participants that team building is about providing the skills, training and resources that your people need, so that they can work in harmony but, to be truly effective, it needs to be a continual processes.


Participants are going to get following benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will be able to work effectively as a team player as well as a team leader provide any opportunity comes to lead a small group of team members.
‣ They will be able to learn how to create more synergy between each team member to get them along for the bigger tasks.


This training program is designed for following professionals to attend and get benefit.
‣ Professionals working in any size of teams in any work environment.
‣ Professionals who are leading a team of 5 or more team members.
‣ Team members who wish to improve their team synergy skill & effectiveness as a team.
‣ Team members who find it difficult to catch up with the other high performing team members.