0900 – 1000


Pre-assessment of the subject knowledge
Major time / minor time | concepts
Reactive & proactive approaches towards work

1000 – 1100

Recognize key accountabilities & tasks
Being aware of the impact of your work at org.
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1100 – 1200

What is a monkey / identification of monkeys
What is the process / the monkey process
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1200 – 1300

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers


1400 – 1500


Day plan / month plan / year plan
Low productivity tasks / high productivity tasks
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1500 – 1600

Short time objectives / long time objectives
Value addition through your task management
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1600 – 1630

Being productive manager at work
How to delegate effectively and be a LEADER.
Brainstorming / activities / discussion

1630 – 1700

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers

0900 – 1000 Understanding the concept of work delegation
Historical background of work delegation
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1400 – 1500 Six steps to effective work delegation
Monitoring progress / asking questions
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1000 – 1100 Why managers don’t delegate willingly
Benefits of effective work delegation
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1500 – 1600 Making delegation process easy and effective
Delegating to your downline / subordinates
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1100 – 1200 Key principles of effective work delegation
Art of modern corporate work delegation
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1600 – 1630 Delegation from your up-line to you
Ethics of receiving work from seniors /bosses
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1200 – 1300 Delegating vs dumping tasks on others
Understanding the impact of dumping tasks
Brainstorming / discussion / activity
1630 – 1700 Brainstorming / questions & answers
Conducting post test / final training evaluation
Participants feedback / certificate distribution


This course is designed for managers who are working in an office environment in a team to achieve their shared objectives. This session will mainly focus on developing and uncovering their inborn delegation skills to impart into the overall organisational development for better productivity, efficiency and performance.

Being a manager, it is our prime responsibility to manage our work better by delegation day to day tasks to our sub-ordinates helping them to learn new skills and supervise them so that they can also grow and be able to become an asset for the organization eventually.


Participants are going to get following learning benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will be able to understand the importance of work delegation.
‣ They will be able to do and complies more tasks in the future as compared to their current performance.
‣ They will focus on leadership things more rather than firefighting with run to failure approach or daily routine petty things.


This training program is specially designed for following professionals to attend and acquire new skills to grow in their career while working in teams or taking care of large number of sub-ordinates.
‣ Managers
‣ Supervisors
‣ Leader leaders
‣ Senior managers
‣ Management / departments heads
‣ C level – management leaders