0900 – 1000


Pre-assessment of the subject knowledge
Major time / minor time | concepts
Reactive & proactive approaches towards work

1000 – 1100

Recognize key accountabilities & tasks
Being aware of the impact of your work at org.
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1100 – 1200

What is a monkey / identification of monkeys
What is the process / the monkey process
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1200 – 1300

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers


1400 – 1500


Day plan / month plan / year plan
Low productivity tasks / high productivity tasks
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1500 – 1600

Short time objectives / long time objectives
Value addition through your task management
Brainstorming / questions & answers

1600 – 1630

Being productive manager at work
How to delegate effectively and be a LEADER.
Brainstorming / activities / discussion

1630 – 1700

Managing other people’s monkeys
How do we prioritise tasks and objectives
Brainstorming / questions & answers

0900 – 1000 Understanding market research / prospecting
Why customers should buy from you?
Finding your USP and being able to own it.
1400 – 1500 The five profiles of sales reps.
Performance of sales reps
Knowing & gauging parameters?
1000 – 1100 What makes you the preferred supplier?
Key drivers of customer loyalty?
Understanding buyer’s buying mindset.
1500 – 1600 The same reps fingerprints
How to excel in complex sales
What kind of company to target?
1100 – 1200 Company & brand impact
Product & service delivery
Value to price ratio
1600 – 1630 What sort of information to gather?
When to engage, who to engage
How to begin the conversation
1200 – 1300 Sales – experience
How and when to close a sales deal?
How to follow up with customers?
1630 – 1700 How to direct the flow of information.
Brainstorming / questions & answers
Participants feedback / certificate distribution


In this training session we will focus on the very basic steps a sales professional should follow to become a professional B2B sales expert. Starting from prospecting to closing a deal and challenging customer’s assumptions to teaching them the right solution we will make sure that every participant gets the updated, modern sales knowledge to improve their selling skills & be able to sell confidently & naturally.

This course is designed to transform ordinary sales people using conventional methodologies into using modern research based updated sales strategies becoming sales expert in their relevant domains. Selling is an art which can be learnt and mastered by learning modern sales strategies & concepts which are evolving by everyday.


Participants are going to get following benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will learn how to search the market and target the right prospects
‣ They will learn how to develop sales pitch and how to deliver an impactful pitch.
‣ They will learn to improve their communication during sales process to close the deal or followup with the client for closing.
‣ They will learn professionals sales attitude.


This training program is designed for following professionals to attend and get benefit.
‣ Salesmen & sales women
‣ Sales executives
‣ Sales supervisors
‣ Sales – back-office support staff
‣ Assistant managers sales
‣ B2B sales professionals
‣ Sales champions who wish to upgrade their skill and knowledge according to modern practices.