Memory bank & thinking pattern

It is very pleasant but extremely cold Wednesday evening of December 2013. I witnessed fog through the day & literally it was zero visibility outside my house. I am having a cup of hot tea in my room and recalling the conversations with the people I met during travelling and training program. It is interesting to learn so much from each of them on their individual thoughts and life experiences.

I’m writing this to share my thoughts with all of you about positive and negative thinking patterns based on my life experiences and conversations with multi-cultured people from different areas of the globe. Every one knows this fact that whatever we do is saved in our memory backup and we often access to our memory bank to recall our life experiences. Taking our discussion to the next level I would categorise our memory backup into two parts.

  1. Part A
  2. Part B

The part ‘A’ of our memory backup/bank have all the good things that have happened to us in our life. This may include our success stories, victories, achievements, accomplishments, things that gave us joy, happiness and meanings. I really enjoy talking to the people who are used to access their part A of the memory backup most of the time and I feel the same amount of excitement and emotional positivist during my conversations with them.

The part B of our memory backup is filled with negative things. Some people always tend to access their part B of the memory bank whenever they recall their life experiences. They usually discuss their pains, hurts, disappointments, hatred, defeats, excuses & failures. They are more oriented to the things that has brought them sorrows, frustrations and sadness. When talking to them I can simply feel the negative forces from them on how they complain about their life, how miserable they are and also the criticisms they make either on their friends, colleagues, bosses or family members.

Throughout our life, we are free to choose which part of our memory backup to access. Based on my experience some people repeatedly return to part B of their memory backup and relive the painful things that have happened to them. This creates more stress and anxiety ultimately and they never get around to explore the part A of their memory backup.

I strongly believe that there is no possibility of having only one part of your memory backup. I suggest that if we want to live a healthy & balanced life and we want to get back to normal positive life mode then we should try to always keep our mind focused on the good things we have done in our life.

That is what I am practicing now a day. Yes, there are ups and downs in my life too but I am blessed to have great supportive friends and family members encouraging me to pursue my passion. And most importantly, I have thrown away the key to part B of my memory backup and only have the key to access part A of my memory backup … and that really keeps me moving 🙂

So my dear friends, which part of your memory backup you want to access in your daily life? Remember, your decision will determine what kind of life you want to live…

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