A meaningful life?

Whenever I meet successful and happy people I find one common thing in all of them which is one of the reasons of their satisfaction and happiness. They do what they like the most. They love the work they do and they do the work they love. This is always a great inspiration for all of the successful people. For example I do what I truly love then I will not feel like working because I will be having too much fun doing what.

If you ask me, Khurram, don’t you feel tired doing so much of your work?” My reply will be, “Did you ever see a boy getting tired of playing games?”

Specially for those who are starting their career and going to start their practical life soon. We need to find who we are? The journey of success starts from ‘self-realization’. Please try to look deep into your soul and find the answers of the below questions:

  • Why are we sent down to this earth?
  • Why we are given this life to live?
  • What we love to do and what we do with love?
  • What contribution we can make in this world at micro or macro level?
  • Where we want to end this journey of our life?

Of course this is not an easy exercise because we are already trapped into so many difficult scenarios of life. We can not get rid of so many generic problems which are associated to us since our birth. We are willing to change our life but we are not been able to take a step even because of social liabilities.

In this kind of situation some time we have to wait for the right time to take the first step. My suggestion is only that please do not wait too long that you may miss that opportunity to start your own life. Taking the control of your life in your own hands is the most important as well as difficult decision may be. But my friends this is what every successful individual did in his her life.

We know what are our challenges & what stops us to live your life on our own terms and conditions but if we have enough passion for what we like the most in our life, we will create the ways, opportunities, road map to our destiny as the common phrase goes, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

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